20 years of digital innovation

We've spent the last 20 years doing a simple thing - learning new technologies and applying them in everyday life. We learned a lot and we are happy to share the knowledge.

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The power of expertise

No matter what you do, it is always better to have a team of experts by your side. Feel the power of expertise!

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Building World-Class Software Products

From the vaguest idea to the award winning product. We travelled the road and we can guide you in your journey.

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What we do

What we do

We are part of the few that can translate complex technical ideas to simple business concepts. We bring vendor-neutral and technology-agnostic advice!


We help leading enterprises innovate! From ERP/CRM/BPM/BI to Cloud & Virtualization to Blockchain & Crypto to IoT & Industry 4.0 to Machine Learning & A.I. we answer the simple question "What is the business value?"


We thrive when developing highly-complex, large-scale, world-class business software.

What we've done

Today over 150 000 business users on 5 continents use products developed by our team.

Numerous projects disrupting business domains such as: Telco, Broadcasting, FinTech, TravelTech, EdTech, Healthcare, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Logistics, Warehousing, Sales and Marketing + others.

We are serious about software

Years in Business

A team of technologists shaping the world of tomorrow.

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Trusted by companies of all sizes:

from the local “mom&pop shops” to a number of Fortune 500 companies
Client: Mercedes-Bentz
Client: BMW
Client: Peugout
Client: Shell
Client: British Gas
Client: Vodafone
Client: ITN
Client: Raiffeisen Bank

Led by a team of visionaries

New and noteworthy (a.k.a. our blog)

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Benefits Of Async/Await

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Key Considerations Of iPaaS

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Hibernate Query Language

Hibernate Query Language

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